A selected collection of research papers relevant to applied relativity

The Warp Drive: Hyper-Fast Travel within General Relativity
author: Michael Alcubierre,(1994)

Photon Propagation in a Stationary Warp Drive Space-Time
author:Claes R. Cramer,(1998)

A Superluminal Subway: the Krasnikov Tube
authors: Allen E. Everett and Thomas A. Roman,(1997)

Quantum Field Theory Constrains Traversable Wormhole Geometries
authors: L. H. Ford and Thomas A. Roman,(1996)

Restrictions on Negative Energy Density in Flat Spacetime
authors: L. H. Ford and Thomas A. Roman,(1997)

Quantum effects in the Alcubierre warp drive spacetime
author: William A. Hiscock,(1997)

Hyperfast Travel in General Relativity
author: S. V. Krasnikov,(1998)

Superluminal Travel Requires Negative Energies
author: Ken D. Olum,(1998) 

On the Possibility of a Propulsion Drive Creation Through a Local Manipulation of Spacetime Geometry
author: Vesselin Petkov,(1998)

The Unphysical Nature of ``Warp Drive''
authors: Michael J. Pfenning and L. H. Ford,(1997)

Superluminal Censorship
authors: Matt Visser and Bruce Bassett and Stefano Liberati,(1998)

Possibility of Control of the Gravitational Mass by Means of Extra-Low Frequency Radiation
author: Fran De Aquino,(2000)

Prompt and Delayed Radio Bangs at KiloHertz by SN 1987A: A Test for Graviton-Photon Conversion
author: Daniele Fargion,(1995)

Observable effects from spacetime tunneling
author: Pedro F. Gonza´lez-Di´az,(1997)

Scalar fields, energy conditions, and traversable wormholes
authors: Carlos Barcelo, Matt Visser,(2000)

On a General Class of Wormhole Geometries
authors: A. DeBenedictis, A. Das,(2000)

Inertial mass and the quantum vacuum fields
authors: Bernard Haisch, Alfonso Rueda, York Dobyns,(2000)

Possible quantum gravity effects in a charged Bose condensate under variable e.m. field
authors: G. Modanese, J. Schnurer,(1998-revised)

Conditions for Stimulated Emission in Anomalous Gravity-Superconductor interactions.
author: Giovanni Modanese and Timo Junker,(2008)